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Sigma Voice's Automated Phone Calling: Streamline Your Outreach

Discover the efficiency and reliability of Sigma Voice's Automated Phone Calling services. Connect with your audience through a streamlined, scalable, and customizable calling solution that optimizes your communication strategy.


In the digital age, where information moves at the speed of light, your business's communication methods should not only match the pace but also ensure precision and personal touch. Sigma Voice's Automated Phone Calling service offers just that - a seamless blend of efficiency and personalization. This service is the perfect solution for businesses looking to optimize their outreach efforts, whether for appointment reminders, marketing campaigns, or essential announcements. Our automated calling system is designed to handle your communication needs with sophistication and ease, making it an indispensable tool for your organization.

Customized Communication at Scale

Sigma Voice understands that one size doesn't fit all. That's why our automated phone calling system allows for full customization of your message. Script your calls to align with your brand's voice and mission, and schedule them at the most opportune times to maximize impact. With dynamic text-to-speech features, your messages can be personalized to address each recipient by name, making voice broadcasting calls feel more direct and engaging.

Unparalleled Reach and Reliability

Our platform's scalability ensures that whether you're a small local business or a large corporation, your calls will reach your intended audience without a hitch. The infrastructure backing Sigma Voice's services is robust and reliable, designed to handle high call volumes with ease, guaranteeing that your message is consistently delivered without any compromise on quality.

Analytics That Inform Strategy

After your calls have been made, the journey doesn't end there. Sigma Voice provides detailed analytics that helps you understand the effectiveness of your campaign. With insights into metrics such as reach, response rates, and recipient behavior, you can make informed decisions on how to adjust and improve future campaigns for better results.

Ensuring Compliance

In a world where regulations around automated calling are stringent and ever-evolving, Sigma Voice stays ahead of the curve. Our commitment to compliance means you can focus on crafting your message, safe in the knowledge that the delivery will adhere to all regulations, such as the TCPA and Do Not Call lists.

Exceptional Support

We pride ourselves on not just our technology but also our customer service. The Sigma Voice team is always on standby to provide support, answer questions, and help troubleshoot any issues. From the planning phase to the post-campaign analysis, we’re with you every step of the way.

Versatile Applications

The utility of Sigma Voice's automated calling service spans various needs and industries:

Appointment Reminders: Ensure your clients never miss a meeting or a health check-up again with timely, automated reminders.

Marketing Outreach: Launch your new product or service with a bang, reaching out to potential customers directly through their phones.

Emergency Alerts: In critical situations, send out instant alerts to keep your community or team safe and informed.

Polls and Surveys: Collect important data quickly and efficiently without the need for extensive manpower.

Payment Notices: Gently remind your customers of upcoming or overdue payments, helping maintain your cash flow.

In an era where effective communication is paramount, Sigma Voice's Automated Phone Calling service is not just a tool but a strategic ally, ensuring your voice is heard by those who matter most to your business.


Sigma Voice's Automated Phone Calling service is more than just a communication tool; it's a pathway to enhanced engagement with your audience. It leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure your messages are delivered efficiently and effectively, offering you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your communication strategy is in expert hands. From the initial setup to the final analytics report, Sigma Voice provides a comprehensive service that empowers your business to reach out with confidence and clarity. Embrace the future of communication with Sigma Voice and transform your outreach into a strategic advantage that drives success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automated phone calling service?

An automated phone calling service uses computerized systems to send pre-recorded messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously. It can handle various communication needs, such as alerts, reminders, marketing, or informational messages.

How does Sigma Voice ensure the quality of calls?

Sigma Voice utilizes a reliable and scalable infrastructure to ensure clear and uninterrupted delivery of your automated calls. We continuously monitor and update our systems to maintain the highest standards of call quality.

Can I personalize messages for different customer groups?

Yes, our service allows for dynamic personalization of messages. You can segment your contact list and tailor messages to resonate with different customer groups based on demographics, past interactions, preferences, or other data.

Are automated phone calls legal?

Automated phone calls are legal, provided they comply with regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Do Not Call (DNC) lists. Sigma Voice is committed to adherence to these laws, helping you conduct your campaigns within legal boundaries.

How can I track the success of my automated call campaign?

Sigma Voice provides detailed analytics and reporting that track various metrics, such as call delivery success rates, recipient responses, and engagement levels, to help you measure the success of your campaign and make data-driven decisions.

What makes Sigma Voice different from other automated calling services?

Sigma Voice stands out for its user-friendly interface, customizability, robust infrastructure, compliance assurance, and exceptional customer support. We focus on delivering a seamless experience and tangible results.

How quickly can I start a campaign with Sigma Voice?

Setting up your campaign can be quick and easy. Once you have your message and target list ready, our team can help you get your campaign up and running promptly, often within a day or two.

What if my call recipients don't want to receive automated calls?

Our automated calls include an option for recipients to opt-out of future communications, respecting their preferences and ensuring compliance with telemarketing laws.

Can Sigma Voice integrate with my existing CRM?

Yes, we offer integration capabilities with various CRM systems to streamline your communication process and ensure that your automated calling campaigns work seamlessly with your existing business processes.

What is the cost of using Sigma Voice's automated phone calling service?

The cost can vary based on the scope of your campaign, including factors such as the number of calls, the duration of the message, and specific features you may need. We provide competitive pricing and can offer a custom quote based on your specific requirements.

For more information or to discuss your needs with one of our experts, please contact us. Let Sigma Voice empower your communication strategy with effective, reliable, and compliant automated calling solutions.

We're Seeing Stars

Ken Doke profile picture Verified Customer

Ken Doke

Nonprofit Organization

I have been using Sigma Voice for a few years now on a number of campaigns. They have always been reliable and competitive. Their customer service is phenomenal. I highly recommend.

Mark Hamilton profile picture Verified Customer

Mark Hamilton

Nonprofit Organization

Sigma Voice exceeded our expectations for our call out needs. When we needed changes made they were happy to do so and performed changes in a timely manner. I highly recommend Sigma Voice.

Haith Johnson profile picture Verified Customer

Haith Johnson

Retail Store

Absolutely LOVE THIS SERVICE!!! I recommend using Sigma Voice for any growing business!! We have got great responds & is a good way to stay in touch with your customers base! Helps us to turn customers to Loyal Customers to VIP Customers!!!

Pedro Hernandez profile picture Verified Customer

Pedro Hernandez

Medical Offices

This service is fantastic. Setting up automated calls is super easy and affordable. I highly recommend it.

Kristin Taylor profile picture Verified Customer

Kristin Taylor

Senior Living

Sigma Voice was so easy to set up. I needed to get an immediate message out to my 60+ family members. It’s affordable, the reports are amazing, and the customer service is beyond what I expected on a Sunday afternoon. Highly recommended!

Andrenia Burgis profile picture Verified Customer

Andrenia Burgis

Political Campaign

This is the first time I used this company and am extremely pleased with the excellence in customer service. There was no need large or small that was not met. I highly recommend them!!!

Emma Otto profile picture Verified Customer

Emma Otto

Retail Store

We have used SigmaVoice for our business for a few years now, and it has been a very good experience. The website is simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate. Customer service is excellent; professional and prompt.

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