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Automated Calling Systems: How Do They Work?

What is an automated calling system?

An automated calling or voice broadcasting system utilizes telephony technology to place multiple phone calls at during a short period to a group of contacts.

How does an automated call work?

An automated phone call plays a pre-recorded audio message to the recipient. The audio message can be generated by a human voice or a text-to-speech voice.

Why use an automated voice messaging system?

The main reason to use automated calling is to communicate faster with a large group of contacts. The purpose of an automated call could be a product announcement, emergency notice or customer service reminder. Automated phone surveys are a great way to collect valuable feedback from customers.

The answer is yes if you comply with federal and state regulations. It’s important to stay up-to-date with these laws to ensure legal compliance with automated calls. One important piece to obtain express written consent as you do for email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp or Contsant Contact.

What are the benefits of using automated call systems?

Automated call systems save organizations time and money by increasing efficiency and productivity. The increase in communication improves customer satisfaction which can increase sales.

What are automated messages?

Automated messages are pre-scheduled messages. These messages are sent to a recipient at a specific date and time. They result in a more timely, personalized connection with your contacts. A couple of popular examples are below.

  • Birthday call
  • Anniversary call
  • Holiday wishes

On-premise on hosted? Which is better?

There are generally 2 options with automated calling systems. You can purchase automated calling software or use an automated calling service.

An on-premise system may be the best option if you have a very small list of contacts, like 100 or fewer. With 1 phone line, it will be able to call 100 contacts in about 2 hours.

For larger contact lists, more phone lines may be required to send calls within a reasonable time frame. If time is not a concern, an on-premise solution makes sense.

If sending your audio message to a larger number of contacts quickly is required, a hosted automatic calling system like Sigma Voice may be a great option. You can try Sigma Voice for free to see if it makes sense for your use case.

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