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IVR Hosting

Interactive Voice Response

An interactive voice response (ivr) system is a telephone-based application that allows callers to use the phone dial pad to navigate a simple or complex menu of options. 


Best Practices

IVR applications that are setup poorly frustrate callers. It's that simple.

The IVR menu should be clear, intuitive and easy to navigate.

There are many best practices that make an IVR an excellent alternative to a live interaction with an agent.

For example, a specific button like the * star key should allow callers to easily start over at the beginning or move backward one step 


IVR Capacity

The number of callers per day is an important consideration as well.

In particular, the number of concurrent callers should be considered in order to ensure callers do not get a busy signal especially in an event of an emergency.

One example is a weather information IVR. Callers need to get through in order to make important real life decisions.


Transfer To A Representative

If one or more agents are available to answer questions or provide additional information, the 0 zero key is typically used. "Press 0 to speak with an agent." This button can be at any time to instantly connect a caller to an agent.


Additional Functionality

An IVR can be programmed to send a sms message to the caller. This text message can be a static or dynamic message template. It can also contain a link to a website or an email address. The text message can be sent instantly or after a specific amount of time after the call is completed.

Prior to sending a text message, the caller can confirm their mobile phone number if already on file. If not on file the caller can provide their mobile phone number by using the DTMF dial pad. 



There are many important applications that save organizations time and money. In many cases, the IVR must interact with a database.

A payroll IVR can be very effective for remote employees.

A zip code locator IVR is very useful for stores with many locations.

An information IVR can be a tremendous help for grassroots political campaigns.

A payment IVR can collect payments from customers.

The list goes on and on.

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Mark Hamilton

Nonprofit Organization

Sigma Voice exceeded our expectations for our call out needs. When we needed changes made they were happy to do so and performed changes in a timely manner. I highly recommend Sigma Voice.

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Andrenia Burgis

Political Campaign

This is the first time I used this company and am extremely pleased with the excellence in customer service. There was no need large or small that was not met. I highly recommend them!!!

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Emma Otto

Retail Store

We have used SigmaVoice for our business for a few years now, and it has been a very good experience. The website is simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate. Customer service is excellent; professional and prompt.

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Pedro Hernandez

Medical Offices

This service is fantastic. Setting up automated calls is super easy and affordable. I highly recommend it.

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Haith Johnson

Retail Store

Absolutely LOVE THIS SERVICE!!! I recommend using Sigma Voice for any growing business!! We have got great responds & is a good way to stay in touch with your customers base! Helps us to turn customers to Loyal Customers to VIP Customers!!!

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Kristin Taylor

Senior Living

Sigma Voice was so easy to set up. I needed to get an immediate message out to my 60+ family members. It’s affordable, the reports are amazing, and the customer service is beyond what I expected on a Sunday afternoon. Highly recommended!

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Ken Doke

Nonprofit Organization

I have been using Sigma Voice for a few years now on a number of campaigns. They have always been reliable and competitive. Their customer service is phenomenal. I highly recommend.

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